Dr. phil.

Anne-Coleman Webre

Dr. phil. Anne-Coleman Webre
Lehrstuhl für Anglistische Sprachwissenschaft


Gebäude: 1070

Raum: 105.2

Kármánstr. 17 - 19

52062 Aachen


Telefon: +49 241 80 94829



Academic Background

PhD in Teaching and Teacher Education (University of Michigan, USA)

MA in TESOL/Foreign Language Education (New York University, USA)

BA in German and Archaeology (University of Virginia, USA)


Former Activities

Lecturer - Secondary Teacher Education (University of Michigan, USA)

Teacher - Secondary English as a Second Language and History (Baltimore, MD and Alexandria, VA, USA)

Teacher – English as a Foreign Language (Aachen, Germany)


Research Interests

  • Teacher Education
  • Second Language Education
  • Language in Content Area Teaching
  • SFL in Teaching Practice
  • Sociocultural Education Research


Webre, A-C. (2020). Curricularizing language teaching and learning: Navigating sociocultural dilemmas in teacher education (unpublished doctoral dissertation). University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Freeman, D., Webre, A-C., & Epperson, M. (2019). What counts as knowledge in English Language Teaching? In S. Walsh, & S. Mann (Eds.), Handbook of English language teacher education. Abingdon, UK: Routledge.


Conference Presentations

How much grammar is too much? Supporting pre-service teachers without a background in linguistics through an SFL-based course project - European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference, Vigo, Spain, June 2023.

How much grammar is too much: Decisions in language teacher education - RELC, Singapore, March 2023.

Building networks to design and support systemic research in ELT, with Donald Freeman - RELC, Singapore, March 2023.

Substantializing: A sociocultural framework for studying language teacher education - Second Language Teacher Education, Vienna, Austria, September 2022.

Usable Knowledge in ELT professional development: A transnational examination, with Donald Freeman, Martha Epperson, and Dudley Reynolds – TESOL International Convention, Virtual, March 2021.

Indirect quotes as an indicator of TE knowledge: What could be missing? – GRADNASFLA Symposium, Virtual, October 2020.

How teachers make sense of professional development: A transnational examination of usable knowledge, with Donald Freeman and Ana Mireya Diaz – Comparative and International Education Society Conference, San Francisco, CA, April 2019.

“My evidence is better because...” - Counterargument and critique in inquiry-based social studies argument writing, with Chauncey Monte-Sano and Maria Del Mar Estrada – American Educational Research Association, Toronto, ON, April 2019.

“My evidence is better because...” - Counterargument writing in 8th grade inquiry investigations – Michigan Council for the Social Studies, Holland, MI, March 2019.

Investigating Complexity in German as a second language teacher education: revealing dilemmas – Australian Systemic Functional Linguistics Association, Adelaide, SA, September 2018.

Complexity in language teacher education: Investigating dilemmas – International Systemic Functional Congress, Boston, MA, July 2018.

Conducting research in an international context – Graduate Student Conference, Ann Arbor, MI, March 9, 2018.

How German teacher education is responding to newly arrived second language speakers - Comparative and International Education Society Conference, Atlanta, GA, March 9, 2017.

Conceptualizing cultures of professional development in English language teaching: A framework and rationale, with Donald Freeman - Comparative and International Education Society Conference, Atlanta, GA, March 7, 2017.