Joanna Gavins: Poetry in the Mind

Montag, 04.06.2018, 18.00 Uhr

in H11, C.A.R.L.


Renowned stylistician Joanna Gavins will talk to us about text-worlds, audiences, readers and the poetry of Jo Bell.


About Joanna Gavins

Joanna Gavins is a professor of English Language and Literature the University of Sheffield (since 2000). Her research interests include the relationship between language, literature and cognition, stylistics, and cognitive poetics. Her book seminalText World Theory: An Introduction has become a central resource in cognitive poetics, conceptualizing a cognitive-linguistic model of human discourse processing and its application to literary discourse. In 2016, Joanna Gavins co-edited World Building: Discourse in the Mind, which includes numerous leading-edge research on text world theory.
Whereas her earlier research has focused on the cognition of Absurdist prose fiction and poetry (her book Reading the Absurd published in 2013 is the centerpiece of her research), Joanna Gavins’s interest now centers around the cognitive experience of reading contemporary poetry. Her work is interdisciplinary, drawing upon cognitive sciences to enhance the understanding how language is conceptualized and experienced by humans.

Joanna Gavins also is the director of the Text World Theory Special Collection at the University of Sheffield and edits the John Benjamins book series Linguistic Approaches to Literature. From 2009 until 2014 she worked as Assistant Editor of the Poetics and Linguistics Association’s journal.