Overview Fields of Expertise


On this page you can see who in our department specialises in which areas of research. This list is supposed to help you find suitable supervisors for your BA-/MA-theses. Of course it is also possible to choose a professor as supervisor. It is split into different research fields, but interdisciplinary theses are of course possible.



Dr. Jessica di Napoli
Phonetics and Phonology
Discourse and Turn-taking

Dr. Jennifer Fest
Language in Media / Newspaper Language
Variational Linguistics
Register Analysis
Methodologies in Linguistics
Language of Sports

Jonas Freiwald
Corpus Linguistics
(Corpus-based) Translation Studies
Contrastive Linguistics
Systemic-Functional Linguistics / Grammar

Dr. Thomas Griffig
Sociolinguistics / Variational Linguistics
World Englishes
Pragmatics / Sociopragmatics
Cultural Studies (esp. Irish Studies)
Translation Studies
Contrastive Linguistics
Text Linguistics / Discourse Analysis / Intertextuality

Arndt Heilmann, M.A.
Cognitive Linguistics
Translation Process Studies
Theses within the project TRICKLET

Dr. Nicole Hützen
Text Linguistics
Cognitive Linguistics (incl. Corpus Linguistics, Register Analysis, Language Acquisition, Discourse Analysis)

PD Dr. Elma Kerz
Second Language Acquisition/Learning
Second Language Processing
Language Assessment
Implicit and explicit Language Learning
Child Language Development
Language Variation

PD Dr. habil. Martin Thiering
Cognitive Grammar
Cognitive Linguistics
Cognitive Semantics
Cognitive Semiotics
Linguistic Relativity/Neo-Whorfian Approach
Language of Spaces, Cognition of Spaces
Embodiment Theories
Multimediality (VR/AR/BIM/CAD)

Dr. phil. Alin Olteanu (only thesis in English)
Cognitive semiotics
Embodiment (phenomenology of the body)
Media semiotics
Social semiotics
Cultural criticism
Iconicity (image schema, diagrams, metaphors)


Literary Studies

Judith Eckenhoff, M.A.
Victorian literature and culture
Film and media studies
Gothic and speculative fiction
Ecocritical approaches to literature
Post-Apocalyptic and dystopian narratives
Cultural Studies

Dipl.-Gyml. Caroline Kutsch
Dystopian literature
Feminist approaches to literature
Cognitive approaches to literature
Empirical approaches to literature

Dr. phil. Aljoscha Merk
Literary and cultural theory, for example identity construction, cultural models, and unreliable narration
Gothic literature
Utopian and dystopian literature
Contemporary British novels

Kai Qing Tan, M.A.
Eighteenth-century literature
Modernist literature
Contemporary British fiction and city novels
Urban Studies/Sociology and psychogeography
Literary Theory, including Marxist Theory, Foucauldian Theory of Power, and Postcolonial Theory



Jana Metz
Lernen mit neuen Medien
Bilingualer Sachfachunterricht
Allgemein Fremdsprachendidaktische Themengebiete nach Absprache

Thomas Zimmermann
Digitale Lernformate
Zweitspracherwerb (SLA)
Allgemein Fremdsprachendidaktische Themengebiete nach Absprache

Anne Maaßen
Digitale Lernformate
Zweitspracherwerb (SLA)
Allgemein Fremdsprachendidaktische Themengebiete nach Absprache