EASG: Call for submissions


We’d warmly like to invite you to submit abstracts of your recent book-length publications (authored or edited) to the 2016 issue of English and American Studies in German (EASG). EASG, published yearly by De Gruyter, compiles summaries of new books and theses written on an English-related topic in a German-speaking country. As well as appearing in print, there is an online version at http://www.degruyter.com/view/j/east.

In practical terms, EASG provides free publicity for your work. Although it can’t conjure up royalties, the print version is used by academic librarians to manage acquisitions, so that inclusion is one way of flying off the shelves and into minds.

If you are interested, please submit a summary of your publication via http://easg.anglistik.rwth-aachen.stemee.de:8002/easg/login. Submissions should be in English and can only be accepted through the web interface. The 2016 issue will concentrate on publications which appeared in 2015, but you are welcome to send in work from previous years if not previously included. There is no explicit deadline, as EASG accepts rolling submissions (again via the interface). However, submissions made after the editing cut-off on 31 May 2016 are likely not to be considered until the 2017 issue.

We hope EASG is of interest, and look forward to receiving your summaries soon.