New Publication: Last Things


Last Things: Essays on Ends and Endings, the newest publication in Aachen British and American Studies, is out now.

  Mehrere Ausgaben von Last Things Urheberrecht: © Julia Vaeßen

Last Things: Essays on Ends and Endings, edited by Gavin Hopps, Stella Neumann, Sven Strasen, and Peter Wenzel and published by Peter Lang, is the newest publication in Aachen British and American Studies.

This multidisciplinary collection brings together scholars from the fields of literature, theology and linguistics who question and extend our taken-for-granted conceptions of "The End". It focuses on the ways in which endings are formally signaled in literature, and sets these alongside parallel studies in journalism and film. However, it is also concerned with larger philosophical and historical notions of closure, impermanence, rupture and apocalypse as well as the possibilities of "posthumous" being.
It gives examples from fairytales, Byron, Longfellow, Dillard, Barnes and South African writers.

This book is dedicated to the memory of Dr Rüdiger Schreyer, Lecturer in the Department of English Studies at Aachen University from 1966 to 2006.



  • Endings in Literature: A Survey (Peter Wenzel, Aachen)
  • Corpus-Linguistic Exploration of Endings in Short Stories (Stella Neumann, Aachen)
  • Defining Endings in Newspaper Writing—A Case Study on Football Coverage (Jennifer Fest, Aachen)
  • Film Endings (Tobias Hock, Aachen)
  • A History of Anthony in 3 ½ Endings: History, Memory, and Fabulation in Julian Barnes’s The Sense of an Ending (Julia Vaeßen and Sven Strasen, Aachen)
  • Unexpected Endings: Eucatastrophic Consolations in Literature and Theology (Trevor Hart, St. Andrews)
  • An Anachronic Ending: Time and the Post-Messianic Imagination (Samuel V. Adams, St. Andrews)
  • In the Shadow of the End: The Moral of Fairytales (Daniel Gabelman, St. Andrews)
  • “Serious Laughter”: A Re-Assessment of Byron’s Terminal Irony (Gavin Hopps, St. Andrews)
  • Ending in Peace: The Quest for Final Consolation in Longfellow’s Dante Sonnets (Timothy E. Bartel, St. Andrews)
  • The Ending Written into Things: Coming to Terms with the Inescapable Ephemerality of Art (Tanya Walker, St. Andrews)
  • Suspended Endings, Theodicean Spaces, and Annie Dillard’s Asyndetic Style (Lori Kanitz, St. Andrews)
  • “No correct epiphany”: On the Politics of Endings in South African Writing 1948–2000 (Geoffrey V. Davis, Aachen)

About the Editors

Gavin Hopps is Senior Lecturer at the University of St Andrews (United Kingdom). His research concentrates on romantic literature and popular music.

Stella Neumann is Professor of English Linguistics at RWTH Aachen (Germany). Her research interests include register variation, empirical methods and translation studies.

Sven Strasen is Senior Lecturer at RWTH Aachen. His research focuses on reception theories and cognitive literary studies.

Peter Wenzel is Professor of English Literature at RWTH Aachen and has published on literary theory.