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Using a combination of corpus and experimental data the project examines different forms of complexity in the translation process and product.

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This interdisciplinary project develops a web-based platform to process and analyze multimodal data in the humanities.

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This mixed-method project sheds further light on the textual triggers of experientiality and their interaction with the readers’ cognitive systems through the combination of literary hermeneutic methods with digital processing of large amounts of rich empirical data.

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Beginning to End

This interdisciplinary project aims to find regular structures in openings and endings of literary texts and, in a second step, to establish to what degree the structures found are based on cognitive universals.

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E-Books are useful and handy, but mainly they can help students to grasp scientific knowledge more easily and allow for more individual learning processes.


Speak Up!

All you need to know about this rapidly growing university/school co-operation established in 2012 to provide a rich SLA research field and hands-on teaching practice for student teachers in the earliest years of training.

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Curriculum 4.0

Lehrkräfte für die digitale Gesellschaft – Medienkompetenzentwicklung im Lehramt am Beispiel des Studienfachs Englisch

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Aachen Research Team Cognitive Literary Studies

Within the framework of a cognitive perspective on literary reception processes, it is part of ART CogLit’s activities to conduct empirical investigations of the observed reactions of real readers in order to test and extend hypotheses on ideal reading processes and reader responses developed in literary theory. Thus, we aim at combining qualitative-hermeneutic and empirical approaches to literary studies and intend ARTCogLit to be both inclusive and interdisciplinary.

ART CogLit will also focus on the organization of research colloquia and public lectures.

Browse through the following pages to learn more about ART CogLit, our projects and upcoming events!

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ART CogLit Events

There are no events at this time.

Completed Projects

Ends and Endings in Literature and Culture

Das gemeinsame Forschungsprojekt von Anglisten der RWTH und Wissenschaftlern der University of St Andrews untersucht aus breit angelegter Perspektive die Strukturen von Schlüssen in Literatur und Kultur.

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Discourses of Mobility - Mobility of Discourse

This collection of essays has a double focus: On the one hand, it consists of analyses of the metaphorical appropriation of technological inventions in literary discourse. How, it is asked, does literature ...

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