Preparatory Course



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The Preparatory Courses at the English department offer an opportunity for future students of the institute to improve their language competence before beginning their first semester of study. *This is not a general language course – for general English courses, please visit the Sprachenzentrum for RWTH.*

The Preparatory Courses provide a bridge between school English classes and university linguistics courses. The courses will pre-introduce key linguistic concepts that students will need in their program and review important language features for studying English.

When registering at the university, future students in the English programs take a C-test assessment and receive feedback regarding their language level. If you receive a recommendation to participate in a Preparatory Course, you can sign up for the course below when the registration opens.

If you have not yet completed the C-test, you can access the assessment here. Please note that this is the same test as is required for registration.



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Course Information

This course is blended, with four in-person sessions and corresponding digital self-learning materials.

In-Person Dates: 04th, 11th, 15th and 18th of September

Instructor: Dr. Anne-Coleman Webre


The registration for 2023 is now closed