Immersion Period Abroad (ImPA)


Learn more about fulfilling your Immersion Period Abroad (ImPA) requirements and/or about exchange programs and resources for studying or working abroad.


Caroline Zurhelle-Waser


Caroline Zurhelle-Waser

Student Mobility Coordinator


+49 241 80 94829



You can find the ImPA Policy (LAB students) and the Application for Recognition of a Period Abroad (ARPA) below, or by clicking on the links before.

LAB students with an English component must spend a minimum of three months working or studying abroad in an English-speaking country in order to complete their program. If students wish to split their ImPA into two periods of six weeks they will need to submit a written application to the student mobility coordinator (Caroline Zurhelle-Waser). Students may choose to study abroad (one or two semesters or a summer study program) or work abroad (part-time, full-time, paid or voluntary work) in a country in which English is an official language and such that their work or study is conducted in English. Students must document their study or work abroad (with certificates, a letter from their employer, etc).

LuS students are required to spend a minimum of six weeks abroad in order to complete their program. Students may choose to study abroad (one ortwo semesters or a summer study program) or work abroad (part-time, full-time, paid or voluntary work).


For Erasmus, UWA and other specific questions, see the English Department Student Mobility Coordinator and/or Student Mobility Coordinators for your second field of study


Students are responsible for organizing and finding sponsorship for their work and study abroad. The following are some possibilities:

For further information please contact the RWTH International Office.


Erasmus and Other Exchange Programs

The English department has exchange programs with the following universities:

Students may also apply for Erasmus exchanges sponsored by other departments (in particular that of students' second field of study).

You can find an overview of the student mobility programmes below.

Participation in Erasmus Programs

Selection Criteria

  • Excellent academic record
  • Strong letter of motivation
  • Language competence level: C1 in English and at least B1 in the language of the host country

Receiving Credit for Courses taken Abroad

All enquiries about exchange programs should be directed towards your student mobility coordinator, Ms. Zurhelle-Waser.