Eye-Tracking Lab Facility


Eye-Tracking Lab Facility

Monitor at the Eye-Tracking Lab Facility Copyright: © Julia Vaessen


The Eye-Tracking Lab Facility at RWTH Aachen University allows scholars and students to conduct experimental studies using such methods as eye-tracking, keystroke logging and voice recording. The fields of research include language comprehension, language production, translation process studies, human-computer interaction, product design and advertising.


The lab is equipped with a Tobii TX 300 eye-tracker. This remote eye-tracker collects gaze data at a sample rate of 300 Hz. It allows head movements and is, therefore, suitable for unobtrusive research without a chin rest.


Tobii Studio is an eye-tracking software which supports the stages of data collection and analysis. Using the software, researchers can specify the experimental procedure, replay the eye-tracking sessions, visualize the data, define areas of interest (AOIs) and calculate a range of statistics related either specifically to AOIs or to the whole experiment.

The keystroke logging software Translog II developed at Copenhagen Business School collects data on all keystrokes, mouse movements and pauses, for instance during a writing or a translation task. It can be also used to replay the sessions and create a number of visualizations. The XML files produced by the tool can be processed further.

Taking part in an experiment

Currently we are looking for participants for the following experiments:

Translation experiment (Call)


Zoë Miljanović M.A.