Language Learning and Processing Lab Facility


Language Learning and Processing Lab Facility


The Language Learning & Processing Lab is concerned with the acquisition, processing and development of language skills. We focus on two fundamental questions: What does it mean to master language and how is this knowledge acquired? We study the learning mechanisms that underlie both first and second language learning and processing, and the various factors - cognitive, affective and socio-demographic - that influence language development. We also develop software for automatic text analysis and adaptive language learning systems that capture and accelerate language development, generating dense longitudinal data of individual learning trajectories.


17 working stations (Model: OptiPlex 3040 Micro: Processor: i5 - 6500T, 3.2 Ghz, 4 cores; 8 GB RAM DDR3L; Intel HD Graphics 530)


Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, VLC media player , PsychoPy, OpenSesame, R, RStudio, AntConc, UAM Corpus Tool und Putty


PD Dr Elma Kerz