Aachen Colloquium on Literature, Emotions, and Cognition

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Eine Vortragsreihe im Sommersemester


Mondays, 16-18h

8. Mai

Jan Alber (Aachen):
A Cognitive Approach to Narrative Immersion in Film

(This is also Jan Alber's inaugural lecture at RWTH Aachen University.)

15. Mai

Peter Stockwell (Nottingham):
Immersion and Emotion

22. Mai

Gunther Martens (Gent):
Can We Predict Literary Judgment? A Corpus Study of the Bachmann Literary 'Casting Show' via Off- and Online Backchannels

29. Mai

Marco Caracciolo (Gent):
Space, Cognition, and Traces of the Human in Postapocalyptic Fiction

1. Juni*

Marcus Hartner (Bielefeld):
Figur, Emotion und Perspektive: Skizzen eines Forschungsfeldes

12. Juni

Moniek Kuijpers (Frankfurt):
Empirical Studies of Literature: The Case of Absorption during Literary Reading

19. Juni

Karin Kukkonen (Oslo):
The Designed Sensory Flow: Literature and Embodiment

26. Juni

Merja Polvinen (Helsinki):
Emotion and Self-Reflection in Fiction

3. Juli

Ralf Schneider (Bielefeld):
The (Temporal) Structure of Emotion Episodes: A Neglected Dimension of Cognitive Reception Theory, or: Beyond Suspense and Surprise

10. Juli

Alan Palmer (Independent Scholar; County Durham):
Emotion and Cognition in the Traditional Ballads of Early Country Music

17. Juli

Christian Kohlschein (Aachen):
Automatic Emotion Recognition - Can You Teach an Algorithm to Recognize and Process Emotions?

24. Juli

Sven Strasen (Aachen):
Modelling and Observing Literary Reception Processes: Building Blocks of a Research Programme