Sven Strasen (Aachen): Modelling and Observing Literary Reception Processes: Towards a Cultural Theory of Situated Embodied Cognition


Monday, July 24, 2017, 4:00pm


In my lecture at ACLEC I will try to show how and why Cognitive Literary Studies are in danger of repeating a mistake that had already been haunting classic Reader-Response Theory: In the attempt to claim precedence for Culturalist or Cognitivist positions or for Enactivism or Symbolism, theorists tend to come up with mono-causal explanations instead of explaining the interaction between the relevant factors. I hope to show how mental models and embodied cognition both play a significant role in text processing and suggest to use the concept of the Cultural Model as a starting point for the theoretical modelling of reception processes. On that basis I will sketch building blocks of a research programme for ART CogLit, the newly founded Aachen Research Team Cognitive Literary Scholarship, that will keep us busy (and happy) for the foreseeable future.


About Sven Strasen

Sven Strasen is Senior Lecturer at RWTH Aachen University’s Institute of English American and Romance Studies. His research focusses on Cognitive Literary Studies, Reader-Response Theory and (Cognitive) Narratology. For his second thesis, Rezeptionstheorien (Trier: wvt, 2008), he was awarded the price for the best second thesis between 2008-2010 by the German Association of University Teachers of English.