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The group’s research is based on usage-based, probabilistic language models (as developed in Halliday 1985/2013, 2005) and draws mainly on quantitative empirical methods including (multivariate) statistics.

The group’s research topics are in line with the division’s research areas and comprise

  • non-native language use in specialised English discourse
  • linguistic variation: Interfaces between regional and functional variation
  • multilingual text production and translation
  • structural patterns of literary texts

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Methodologically, we use mainly strongly computer-oriented corpus-based approaches as well as experimental methods such as eye-tracking and keystroke logging. Working with various types of non-native and/or non-canonical language as well as intermediate versions during text production results in a methodological cross-sectional topic.

The long-term goal is to provide linguistic evidence of the organisation of the language system into sub-systems that filter language use according to the requirements of specific situations and to extend the description to typological aspects.

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