English Literary Studies


The group’s research aims at developing theories, models and methods for the descriptions of textual patterns, contexts and acts of reception. The methodological framework for this research is provided by a cognitive approach to literary studies that tries to build a bridge between the older, text-oriented models of Formalism, Structuralism and Classical Narratology on the one hand and various Reception Theories on the other hand. With the help of this framework, it is also intended to close the long-lived, senseless gap between a cognitivist-universal and a cultural-historical approach to literature.

The group’s research topics are in line with the division’s research areas and comprise:

  • Structural patterns in literary texts, especially in text openings and endings
  • Genre-specific text structures and patterns of reception
  • Schemata and cultural models that play a role in reception
  • Acts and processes of reception
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Dr. phil. Ralf Schneider
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apl. Professor
apl. Prof. Dr. phil. Sven-Knut Strasen
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Ulrike Stalinski
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Research and Teaching Assistant
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Teresa Turnbull M.A.
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Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Kathrin Vaßen M. Ed.
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