Aliki Apostolidou


Research Associate

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Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Linguistik und kognitive Semiotik


Building: 6070

Room: 402.1

Theaterplatz 14

52062 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 24597

Aliki Apostolidou holds a master’s degree with distinction, in Semiotics, Culture and Communication which she completed at Aristotle University (Thessaloniki), in 2022. Her bachelor´s degree is in History and Ethnology with a specialization in fieldwork. Among others, she studied psychology, and she participate in an Erasmus program at the University of Groningen about ‘’Human Brain Activity & Basic in Neuroscience”. Her educational background is based on training in the inclusion of people with disabilities in social groups and developing educational tools for multiculturalism in educational environments. She is interested in the study of applied linguistics, semiotics as a medium and in the medial aspect of learning.


Conferences and Seminars

Participation in:

  • 4th Conference of Modern Greek Studies in the Balkans, presenting “Τhe National Historiographical Narratives and the Literary Act of Literature in the Balkans of the 20th Century”, Komotini, (2019)
  • 7th Meeting of Ethnography, presenting “Between the hypertext and the subject: People and Mice”, Komotini, (2017)
  • 14th International Border Crossing Student Conference, presenting “Food networks in a time of crisis: Mallow as a symbol of nature and self-sufficiency in a Greek mountain village”, Croatia, (2016)
  • 6th Meeting on Ethnography and Social and Cultural Anthropology: “Policies of Culture. Meetings of anthropology with history, biopolitics and education”, Komotini, (2015).

Participation at:

  • 15th World Conference of Semiotics: “Semiotics in the Lifeworld”, (2022)
  • 12th International Conference of Semiotics: “Signs of Europe”, (2019)
  • Scientific Workshop: “From Psychological to Social: Scientific Definitions and Methodological Approaches to Contemporary Socio-Psychological Research”, Komotini, (2016)
  • 12th Global Conference on Semiotics: “Between tradition and innovation”, Bulgaria, (2014)

Academic Roles and Memberships

  • Founding Member and member of the board of Alumni and Students of AUTh ‘’Semiologos’’ (2021- present).
  • Member of Hellenic Semiotics Society, (2013 – present).