Dr. phil.

Alin Olteanu


Alin Olteanu
Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Linguistik und kognitive Semiotik


Building: 6070

Room: 402.1

Theaterplatz 14

52062 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 25482

Alin Olteanu holds a PhD in Semiotics of Education, which he completed at Roehampton University (London), 2015. Among other academic roles, he conducted postdoctoral research on literacy at the Department of Semiotics of the University of Tartu (Estonia) and on multiculturalism at the International Semiotics Institute, based at Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania).

His research on education and multiculturalism, particularly from a semiotic perspective, led him to seek out ways of bridging learning and communication theories. He is interested in the study of language as a medium and in the medial aspect of learning. His current work aims to develop a media semiotic framework that overarches environmental and digital literacies, as an educational requirement for sustainability. To this purpose, he aims to bridge biosemiotics and cognitive semiotics, and the multimodality and trans-mediality approaches to learning and communication.


Academic Roles and Memberships

  • Journal of Social Semiotics - Book reviews editor
  • Numanities: Arts and Humanities in Progress (Springer book series) - vice-editor
  • Nordic Association of Semiotic Studies - Board member
  • International Association for Semiotic Studies - Member
  • International Association for Cognitive Semiotics - Member


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