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Florian Rabitz

Ph.D. Visiting Researcher
Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Linguistik und kognitive Semiotik



Florian Rabitz is a senior researcher in the Research Group Civil Society and Sustainability of Kaunas University of Technology. He holds a PhD in political science from the Free University Brussels and has previously taught at the University of São Paulo. In addition to his research interests in environmental governance, Florian is using topic models and network analysis for large-scale text mining. Together with Dr. Alin Olteanu, he is presently working on a semantic network analysis of the news media coverage of COVID-19.

Selected publications

Rabitz, F., Telesiene, Audrone., and Zolubiene, E. (2021): “Topic Modelling the News Media Representation of Climate Change”, online first at Environmental Sociology.

Budzyte, A., Jurkeviciene, J., Olteanu, A., and Rabitz, F. (2021): ”A Topic Network Analysis of the System Turn in the Environmental Sciences” Scientometrics 126(3): 2107-2140.

Coolsaet, B., Dawson, N., Lovera, S., and Rabitz, F. (2020): “Access and Allocation in Global Biodiversity Governance: A Review”, International Environmental Agreements 20(2): 359-375.

Fraundorfer, M., and Rabitz, F. (2020): “The Brazilian Renewable Energy Policy Framework: Instrument Design and Coherence”, Climate Policy 20(5): 65-660.

•Budzyte, A., Jurkeviciene, J., Olteanu, A., and Rabitz, F. (2019): “The Case for a Semiotic Method in Earth System Science: Semantic Networks of Environmental Research”, Sign Systems Studies 47(3/4): 552-589.