Deborah De Muijnck

M. A.

Research and Teaching Assistant

Deborah de Muijnck
Lehrstuhl für Anglistische Literaturwissenschaft


room 212

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52062 Aachen


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SS2020: Practical Introduction to Literary Studies
SS2020: The Gothic Novel: Cognitive Approaches to Horror in Literature
SS 2019: Practical Introduction to Literary Studies
WS 2019/2020: Dickens and the Victorian Era
WS 2019/2020: Applications of Periods of English and American Literature

Research Interests:

Cognitive Narratology
Narrative Identity
Trauma and Identity (Re-)Construction
British Contemporary Literature
Empirical Literary Studies
Cognitive Approaches to Literature and Culture

Dissertation Project:

"Post-Conflict Narratives: (Re-)Constructing Narrative Identity after War-Experience"
Supervisors: apl. Prof. Dr. phil. Sven-Knut Strasen (RWTH Aachen), Prof. Dr. phil. Ralf Schneider (RWTH Aachen)


03/2020: "Autobiographical Storytelling: Constructing Relatively Stable Narrative Selfhood During Terminal Illness". Narrative 2020 Conference, Mississippi State University, New Orleans. 06.03.2020

10/2019: "Mission Narratives: Creating Purpose-Driven Narrative Identity through Autobiographical Storytelling after War-Experience". Narratives of Displacement Conference, St. Anne's College, University of Oxford. Organizer: London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research, 26. October 2019

07/2019: "Potentially Stable Narrative Self - Creating a Model for Literary Analyses", Summerschool in Narrative Studies (SINS), Aarhus Universitet, Dänemark, 28. July - 2nd of August 2018

04/2019: "Narrative Identity (Re-)Construction and Trauma Communication", Anglistics Colloquium, RWTH Aachen.

04/2018: "Post-conflict Narratives: An Experimental Outlook on Interdisciplinary Research", Anglistics Colloquium, RWTH Aachen.

02/2017: "The Impact of War-Experience on Soldiers, Veterans and Refugees: Psychological Background Information for Literary Studies Projects", Anglistics Colloquium, RWTH Aachen.

Academic Education:

since 08/2016:
Ph.D. student at the Chair of English literature

10/2013 – 04/2016
Master's degree in English Studies, Linguistics and Communication Science
RWTH Aachen University

Chinese Language and Culture, Summer School
Shanghai University, China

08/2011 – 02/2012
International Cultural Studies
Aalborg University, Denmark

10/2008 – 09/2012:
Bachelor's degree in Applied Literature and Cultural Studies, Applied Linguistics, Psychology
TU Dortmund

Professional career:

Since 04/2019:
Research Assistant at the Chair of English Literature with a focus on Cognitive Narratology at the RWTH Aachen University

01/2017 – 03/2019
Content Manager, comprigo GmbH Bauer Media Group, Cologne

11/2013 – 12/2016
Research assistant, FH Aachen, Department of Design, Chair of Marketing and PR, Aachen

05 – 09/2013
Project Assistant Head of Communications, Deutschlandstiftung Integration, Berlin


04/2020: RWTH promotion for doctoral candidates
10/2019: RWTH promotion for doctoral candidates
08/2012: NRW-China Excellence Initiative
08/2011 - 02/2012: ERASMUS scholarship abroad


Member of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für kognitive Linguistik (DKGL)

Member of the International Association of Literary Semantics

Member of the International Society for the Study of Narrative