9. Nacht der Professoren

Friday, January 09, 2015, 10:00pm

Poster 9. Nacht der Professoren

Studies without Borders's local group presents the 9. Nacht der Professoren (9th Night of the Professors), January 9th, 2015  at Apollo, Aachen.

Professors from different fields of studies will be your DJs for the night (see the list below), amongst them our very own Prof. Stella Neumann.

The entrance fee is 4€ before 11p.m., 5€ after 11 p.m. All revenues from entrance fees will go to Studies without Borders and help to support students from Eastern Congo in their courses in agricultural studies.

We would be happy to see as many people as possible there to support both Stella Neumann and Studies without Borders!


9. Nacht der Professoren - these will be your DJs:

  • Prof. Jacobs (Machine Design)
  • Prof. Neumann (English Linguistics)
  • Prof. Schlick (Ergonomics)
  • Prof. Gründer (Physiology)
  • Prof. Englert (Chemistry)
  • Prof. Schneider (Climatology)
  • Prof. Hollert ( Environmental Research )

They will be supported by DJ Wack Daniel.