Guest Lecture Perry Myers

Donnerstag, 14.07.2016, 17.00 Uhr

  Poster zum Vortrag

Das Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik lädt Sie herzlich zur Vorlesung „Affinity and Estrangement: Transnational Theosophy in Germany and India during the Colonial Era (1878 - 1933)” ein, die am 14. Juli 2016 um 17:00 in R103 des Kármán-Auditoriums stattfindet. Die Vorlesung wird gehalten von Prof. Perry Myers, Ph.D., Professor für German Studies and Modern Languages and Cultures for the Professions am
Albion College (Michigan, U.S.A.).

Im Folgenden der Abstract seines Papers (auf Englisch):

„This paper examines transnational occult religion, especially Theosophy, in Germany and India (1878-1933). Transnational esoteric ideas provided a scientific spiritual model that renowned heterodox thinkers in German and India molded to address diverse national objectives. This study will critically examine this shared transnational occult network—its commonalities and distinctions—and how its ideas became re-appropriated in each geopolitical space in response to shifting domestic social, cultural and political contingencies. This comparative approach thus provides critical new insight into the global interplay of the secular and sacred and across and within geopolitical zones.“ (Perry Myers)