LinC Summer School and Workshop: September 3 to 7, 2018


Antragsfrist: 31.03.2018


Be welcome to LinC Summer School 2018 at RWTH Aachen University!

For detailed information on our instructors, the diverse program, and registration, please check out LinC Summer School and Workshop 2018.

A short preview:

The goal of the 5th LinC Summer School and Workshop is to offer training and scholarship in both understanding the Systemic Functional Linguistic, or SFL, theory of language and applying it to real-world challenges. This year it will focus on language behaviour in context.

The summer school will offer three courses, a poster session, and one-on-one consultation time. All courses are suitable for professionals, students, and researchers who have an interest in learning more about SFL, register, or context. It is open to all!