Our students at the Project Day at Rhein-Maas-Gymnasium

  Students teaching Turkish at Rhein-Maas-Gymnasium Copyright: © Cornelia Mayerhofer (Rhein-Maas-Gymnasium) Students teaching Turkish at Rhein-Maas-Gymnasium

Students of the Department of English and American Studies have been supporting the Rhein-Maas-Gymnasium in Aachen since 2008 during their European Project Day. Our students offer mini-courses in the European languages that are not taught in the normal curriculum.

On May 5, 2015 six students taught courses in Dutch, Romanian, Russian, Turkish and – as a special international highlight, Japanese – to small groups of ninth-grade pupils. Each group had the opportunity to visit two different courses during the morning. The pupils practiced pronunciation and interesting grammatical constructions, learned useful sentences like "My name is …" and "I come from Germany", and also learned something about the countries in which the language is spoken. There was a great deal of laughter, and in some cases, the unaccustomed sounds gave the muscles of the speech tract a strenuous work-out.

It is not only the RMG pupils who profit from this project day. Our students will receive a certificate describing their efforts in the preparation and independent teaching of foreign languages at the school.

Congratulations to all the participants for a job well done:

Ulrike Bartelt
Tugce Gülyaz
Mareike Hahs
Desiree Sirbu
Tatiana Spitsova
Betül Türkyilmaz
Bünyamin Yuvarlak